Steps to Enrolling


        Tour of Apex Academy

        Received Information Packet (Including Registration Form and Admissions Questionnaire)

        Advised to visit for access to school catalog


         Must be at least 16 years old

        Good moral character

         Equivalent of 10th grade education*

       Graduated High School or have the equivalent of a 12th grade education to be eligible for Title IV funds

       A Secondary School Student or as an ATB student is NOT eligible for Title IV funds


         Complete Registration Form- $100 Fee

         Admissions Questionnaire

         Letter of Reference ( Personal or Character)

                Author may be Employer, Teacher, Member of Volunteer Organization  etc.                                                             Must be signed by author and include their contact number

         Optional: FAFSA (Cosmetology Only) if choosing to participate in Federal Student Aid.

Step 4:  SEND or DROP OFF

         Completed Registration Form

         $100 Registration Fee

         Proof of Age (One of the following)

              Photo Copy of Driver’s License or State ID

              Certified Copy of Birth Certificate

         Proof of Education

              copy of a high school diploma

              copy of a high school transcript

              copy of a GED

              copy of a state issued credential for secondary school completion, if homeschooled

              copy of an academic transcript showing completion of at least a two year program that is acceptable towards a bachelor degree

             *Ability to Benefit (ATB) - students enrolling in the Cosmetology program who are not able to provide evidence of high school or its equivalent, may enroll at Apex Academy, however, they must satisfactorily complete 225 clock hours of the program in order to continue.   If the student does not satisfactorily complete the 225 clock hours, the student will be dropped from the program. Student enrolling in the Advanced Manicurist program are not eligible to enroll as an ATB student.  NOTE: ATB students are not eligible for Title IV funding.

              *Secondary School Students- A limited number of secondary school students may be admitted to Apex Academy. The applicant will need to meet the state requirements and get written permission from their Secondary School, in which they are currently enrolled. Students will also have to go through a short interview as part of their Pre-Enrollment Evaluation, in order to be accepted.

        Admissions Questionnaire

        Letter of Reference ( Personal or Character)

(Once received a confirmation e-mail from Apex Academy will be sent)

Step 5: FINANCIAL MEETING (if applicable)

        Discuss financial aid options and estimates

        Discuss self-pay payment options


        Meet with Apex Academy’s Administration

        Sign Enrollment Agreement at meeting

        Make down payment at meeting ( Cosmetology $800, Advanced Manicurist $400)

        Payment arrangements

Financial Information

In House

          Apex Academy accepts payment in the form of cash, personal check, money order, cashiers or bank check.    Students have the option to pay in full prior to start date or to pay in four payments. Both In House options are with a 0% interest rate.



          Apex Academy has contracted with a tuition financing company called TFC Credit Corporation. All paperwork will be completed through Apex Academy for payments that will go through TFC. Payments for TFC will be set up with an automatic withdrawal from a checking / savings account. Payment plans will be based on individual needs. Financing will be available with a low interest rate. All students are approved and a co-signer is necessary.


Financial Aid

          If you are interested in applying for Federal Aid, you must fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Different types of aid (private scholarships, state grants, etc.) have different rules, called eligibility criteria, to determine who gets the aid. There is no age limit when it comes to people who can apply for aid. Federal Aid is Available for the Cosmetology program only.

Figures initially told to students are only estimates. Student may not be eligible for Title IV Funds if not maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress Students may be requested to provide Apex Academy with Verification Documents. Students should understand Title IV Funds are estimates and that students may be responsible for more or less than what’s originally discussed.  If the student is not receiving Title IV Funds, he or she is responsible for the remainder of their financial obligations. 



Cosmetology= TOTAL: $12,200.00


Registration-          $100.00

Tuition-            $11,300.00

Kit Fees-                $800.00

(Cosmetology students are required to pay a Registration Fee of $100 at the time of sign up AND make a deposit of $800 at Enrollment Meeting).


Advanced Manicurist = TOTAL: $3,100.00


Registration-          $100.00

Tuition-               $2,600.00

Kit Fees-                $400.00

(Advanced Manicurist students are required to pay a Registration Fee of $100 at the time of sign up AND make a deposit of $400 at Enrollment Meeting).




VA Benefits

 Apex Academy is approved by the State Approving Agency of Ohio to accept funding for both the Cosmetology and Advanced Manicurist Programs. A Veteran, spouse or child of a Veteran are eligible to take advantage of these benefits. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for the benefits online at or by completing the paper form VA 22-1990. Once applied, Apex Academy will need a copy of student’s Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and a copy of the DD-214 discharge paperwork.

Transfer Students

A transfer student may be accepted for a minimum of 300 clock hours into the Cosmetology program. Apex Academy does not accept transfer students into the Advanced Manicurist program. Apex Academy does not recruit students already attending or admitted to other schools offering similar programs. All transfer students are subject to the current rate of tuition per hour that it takes to complete the program. Apex Academy will evaluate official transcripts/documents and appropriate credit will be given. Apex Academy may require the transfer student to purchase a student kit or other resources and are expected to purchase a school uniform.


A student who must withdraw or who has been terminated by Apex Academy may apply to re-enter. Students re-entering must pay all past balances owed the school from prior enrollment period, a $100 registration fee, course fees, and the current rate of tuition per hour to complete the hours remaining in the program. All students re-enter in the same satisfactory academic progress status as at time of withdrawal. Apex Academy will require that the re-enrolled student to have the student kit, Milady resources and school uniform.




Apex Academy does not offer in- house scholarships at this time. However, Apex Academy will accept money from a Scholarship recipient of any outside agency.

School Catalog

Apex Academy School Catalog. All potential students should read this.

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