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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an exceptional educational experience. Students receive preparation through classes and actual clinical experiences. Apex Academy hires outstanding educators to contribute to the mission and success of the academy and its students.

Program Goals

Apex Academy’s main goal of the program is to prepare students to pass the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology’s licensing examination. The designed program prepares students to pass both the written and practical exams. Additionally, Apex Academy strives to develop confident students who are equipped for a career in the Cosmetology industry.

Meet the Faculty

Kathleen Hartings- Legal Owner / CEO of Apex Academy Hair Skin Nails Ltd.  /  Cosmetology  Substitute Instructor  / Salon Owner



Karli Hartings- Financial Aid Director/ Compliance Director/ Cosmetology Instructor / Associate of Technical Studies in Business / Active Cosmetologist



Kelsey Neutzling- Education Administrator/ Cosmetology Instructor / Bachelor of Science in Education / Active Nail Technician



Robin Utz - Cosmetology Instructor / Active Cosmetologist


Katie Guill- Cosmetology Instructor, Bachelor of Science in Education / Active Cosmetologist


Karen Swank , Coldan Draper &  Maria Yeager- Cosmetology Substitute Instructors / Active Cosmetologist


Heather Waldruff- Advanced Manicurist Substitute Instructor / Active Nail Technician



The objectives of the Cosmetology and Advanced Manicurist programs are to prepare students for the state licensing examination and give students the advanced training needed to enter into the chosen profession.

Training encompasses different types of learning; theoretical knowledge, the foundation of the students education, practical experience, the application of knowledge and professional business building skills, which are vital for the student’s success.  Each phase of the students’ education emphasizes a different combination of learning approaches.


All programs at Apex Academy are taught using several different types of instructional methods such as lectures, videos, hands-on techniques, demonstrations, white boards, PowerPoint presentations and internet research.  All programs are offered in the English language only.


Grade Weights for Cosmetology and Advanced Manicurist programs:

THEORY 50%                                  CLINIC 50%         
Theory Tests - 15%                     Task Sheets - 30%
Business Project - 5%                 Graded Skills - 15%
Portfolio - 10%                            Tracking Journal- 5%
Mock State Board - 10%

Projects /Assignments - 10%


Grading Scale for Cosmetology and Advanced Manicurist programs:

Numerical grades are considered according to the following scale in both programs offered by the institution:

                        93 - 100  Excellent

                        85 -  92   Above Average

                        75 -  84   Average

                        74 or below – Unsatisfactory



Apex Academy’s admission, financing options, instruction, graduation and general policies do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, creed, ethnic origin, color, financial status, disability, sexual orientation, age or otherwise, given all requirements are met through Ohio State Board of Cosmetology regulations, statutes and other regulatory requirements.


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